Yu Chung Chi Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Auto lamps, electronic warning lamps, LED lamps, license lamps, t

With approximately 40 years of operation in line, Yu Chung Chi Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a specialized developer and maker of quality lighting products for car, bus/truck, and powered two-wheeler (PTW) applications.

The company, founded in 1970, offers wide-ranging product lines, including auto lamps, electronic warning lamps, led lamps, license lamps, tail lamps, traffic lights, turn signals, bus lamps, side-marker lights, truck lamps, truck lights etc. The company claims that it pays great attention to details of every aspect of its products, so as to meet customers' various requirements.

Tel: 886-6-245-1155, 256-8379, Fax: 886-6-246-1176, E-mail: chiuym@ms55.hinet.net